Events enable brands and corporate messages to be experienced with all the senses

They generate happenings, arouse emotions, shape memories — whether for clients, employees or business partners. Events are live communication, powerful tools for fashioning a company’s image. But their full impact can only be felt if planning and implementation are smoothly interlocked like cogs in a machine and driven by a holistic communication strategy.

This is where our dual expertise comes into play: in the events area, our experience in design, performance and dramatic composition guarantees unforgettable events. In the PR area, our publicity work accompanying the event strikes notes that echo far beyond the actual day of the event.

"Book us as a full-service agency or assign us parts of your event planning"

Corporate Events — no communication is as authentic as the personal encounter.

The most authentic form of communication is a personal encounter. This makes corporate events the premium platform for professional corporate communications. A well-conceived event makes abstract values visible, tangible and comprehensible. Use events such as location openings, product launches or anniversaries to enter into direct dialogue with your clients — outside the usual restrictive media channels.

There are a multitude of possibilities for staging your corporate event, with few boundaries to creative freedom. But there are also pitfalls: countless threads must be merged and interwoven to create a custom-fit concept. Equally crucial is matching the occasion, target group and objectives to the company profile. To meet these challenges, we don’t just cobble things together but have full command at all times as experienced overseers.

Rely on our extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Searching and booking the location
  • Arranging the program
  • Organizing and managing the keynote speakers/performers
  • Attendance management (from “Save The Date” through entry control and transport logistics to follow-up)
  • Incorporating external cooperation partners
  • Assigning and coordinating various contractors (e.g. catering, technology, personnel)
  • Media production (video documentation etc.)
  • Budget monitoring
  • Follow-up and documentation
  • Accompanying press and public relations work


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