The Agency


Our work is guided by the aspirations of top quality and continuity. Long-standing partnerships and the trust of numerous satisfied customers are proof that our mission statement is being consistently implemented:

We engaged Agentur Strothmann to program our daily newsletter “Markt vor Neun”. The German-language newsletter is aimed at private investors in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and offers information with the help of chart-based forecasts, product innovations and market developments as well as current events on the stock markets. Since its launch, Agentur Strothmann has supported this newsletter very satisfactorily working precisely and with utmost service-orientation at all times. The all in all very positive cooperation over the recent years is characterized by an excellent availability and quick reaction time in case of questions as well as an always solution-oriented and quick approach.

Whenever I think of the events you organized and which I was able to attend I feel a remarkable pleasure. Every single one of them – whether in the Roman-Germanic Museum in Cologne, at the Rheingau Festival in the Casino of Wiesbaden or at festivities in Frankfurt – was a particularly successful celebration – due to your experienced and creative organization. The precise elegance characterizing your events is worth the highest praise and serves as a guaranty for future success.

Agentur Strothmann significantly contributed to raising awareness of Nikko AM across German speaking Europe, focused on our ability to connect European investors with investment opportunities across Asia and beginning from a low base. The team’s strategic and proactive approach, and ability to respond quickly to the news cycle, proved valuable in supporting our approach to our communications elsewhere across our global business. They are indeed a truly valued partner.

I am very happy to recommend the PR and event services of Agentur Strothmann. Many years of cooperation with the agency have enabled me to monitor the activities in the areas of reputation management, corporate communications as well as crisis PR management. Thanks to her high level of professionalism and excellent contacts with business and financial journalists, Elke Strothmann has my full confidence. Convincing features of the event management division are the constant focus on the customer and his or her concerns, the professional realization and attention to detail.

I have worked together with Agentur Strothmann for many years in a managerial capacity in asset management at various companies. The agency’s broad journalistic network and good contacts to the publications relevant for us and our clients have proved a very valuable support. We have always been completely satisfied with the work of Elke Strothmann and her team and I’m therefore happy to recommend them to others.

I asked Mrs Strothmann to analyze our existing communications structures and compile an enhancement concept. Mrs Strothmann and her employees delivered a solid and convincing concept whose depth and complexity I was not aware of beforehand containing important sets of facts for optimizing the internal as well as the external presentation. I was well aware of the fact that we had some potential for improvement but I was surprised to learn about the large variety of opportunities. I chose Agentur Strothmann because it is excellently interconnected in the region. That was particularly important to me, as well as the aspect that Agentur Strothmann also represents companies who are active in all of Germany so that I can ensure support even beyond regional borders.

We are very pleased with the results of the brochure and regard it both internally and externally as a milestone in our public relations work as
KJA LRO gGmbH. We would like to thank you once again for the efficient and communicative cooperation with us during the production of our first KJA brochure.

Our goal was to communicate as fast as possible that our architecture firm had gained an official appreciation within the renowned Cologne Architectural Award. Hence, Agentur Strothmann GmbH, with its large network of regional press contacts, was the perfect partner for that project. I would like to put emphasis on the prompt realisation: We had an initial planning discussion at noon and in the late afternoon of the same day I already received a professional press release, which was distributed to the press the next working day. I thank Agentur Strothmann GmbH for their spontaneous help.

Many parties contributed to the success of the Max Bruch Festival. Elke Strothmann played an important part. With her sense of organization, she made sure that many different ideas led to a coherent and attractive program. This was crucial. She masterfully worked together with the media which in turn has kept public interest in the Max Bruch Festival high over all those months leading to a very pleasant reception of the initiative. This just proved an old truth: When taking on complicated ventures, it is important to have someone at your side who holds all the strings together.

Thank you, we very much appreciated the smooth and service-oriented support and organisation on your part. It all worked out perfectly. Without exception, the participants have given a positive feedback – it was something special to celebrate in a barn with rustic atmosphere! Great that you have sent the photos – it is another wonderful memory of the celebration.