Public Relations

Press Work
Online Communication
Internal Communication
Text and Creation

PR texts must capture, captivate and inspire people – this is the only way to keep messages alive and make brands the subject of conversation.

As specialists in a wide range of linguistic styles, our PR team consists of …

… agile text acrobats twirling from one catchy formulation to the next.
… articulate language mentors able to restrain even the wildest semantic runaways.
… adroit jugglers of words conjuring up phrases with ease.
… eloquent tightrope walkers securely balancing on well-spun sentences.

Our repertoire encompasses creating, editing and proofreading the following types of texts:

  • Press briefings and invitations
  • Social media
  • Flyers, brochures, annual reports
  • Advertisements / advertorials
  • Websites
  • Corporate publishing (customer and employee magazines, blogs)
  • Newsletters, mailings
  • Case studies