Corporate Events

Comfortable chairs, a distinguished speaker and a well-stocked coffee bar. Isn’t that all you need for a successful meeting or conference? No, it certainly isn’t! Even a specialist audience expects to be guided, entertained and surprised by the program, desires room for discussion, knowledge transfer and networking. This requires a precision screenplay, a forceful build-up of tension and efficient attendance management.

As the directors of your symposium, we make sure the right positions are filled and look after the keynote speakers from the moment they’re hired until the time of their departure – because their satisfaction is also paramount for the success of an event. We organize the setting and make certain the props are going to be in the right places. With our decades of experience, we know how to ensure that everything runs smoothly, even behind the scenes, and we can guarantee competent use of technology. With us in the director’s chair, you can be certain you’ll get enthusiastic reviews for your specialist event.

We support your meeting or conference with the following services:

  • Searching and booking the location
  • Hiring and overseeing the keynote speakers
  • Attendance management (from “Save The Date” through entrance control and transport logistics to follow-up)
  • Assigning and coordinating various contractors (e.g. catering, technology, personnel)
  • Staff recruitment
  • Media production (video documentation etc.)
  • Budget monitoring
  • Documentation and follow-up with the participants
  • Press and public relations work